Impact on fertility

Adhesions can obliterate the cavity of the uterus to varying degrees and prevent implantation and pregnancy.

Although in majority of cases Asherman´s syndrome cannot be predicted or prevented avoid voluntary surgical termination of pregnancy which can lead to the development of intrauterine scars.

Age is important factor contributing to fertility outcomes after treatment of AS. For women under 35 years of age treated for severe adhesions, pregnancy rates were 66.6% compared to 23.5% in women older than 35.

If the uterus has been irreparably damaged, surrogacy or adoption may be the only options.

Patients who carry a pregnancy may have an increased risk of having abnormal placentation including placenta accreta where the placenta invades the uterus more deeply, leading to complications in placental separation after delivery. Premature delivery, second-trimester pregnancy loss, and uterine rupture are other reported complications. They may also develop incompetent cervix where the cervix can no longer support the growing weight of the fetus, the pressure causes the placenta to rupture and the mother goes into premature labour.

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