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One of the main causes of Asherman’s Syndrome is the surgical technique of dilation and curettage (commonly referred to as D&C).
The incidence of Asherman’s Syndrome due to D&C becomes even more pronounced if a pre-existing or post-operational infection occurs.
The diagnosis of Asherman’s Syndrome is not always certain. If the physician suspects Asherman’s Syndrome, the best methods of detection are hysteroscopy (endoscopic examination of the uterus) and hysterosalpingography (an X-ray exam of the uterus and the fallopiantubes following injection of a radio-opaque fluid). Following treatment of Asherman’s Syndrome, the rate of fertility restoration is high, but not 100 percent.If not treated, Asherman’s Syndrome patients suffer with symptoms including infertility, menstrual irregularities, pelvic pain, miscarriages and ectopic pregnancy.