1. I have regular periods each month but they are extremely painful. Can it be a symptom of Asherman`s syndrome?

In fact regular periods don’t illustrate the absence of Asherman`s syndrome. At the same time it cannot be a definite diagnosis. Detailed medical examination must be conducted in any case. Some women with this disease can suffer from irregular period, menstrual cycle disorder. But some patients may still have a period but their cycles can become shorter and/or lighter than the previous ones.

  1. I haven’t had a D& Am I still in a risk group of Asherman`s syndrome?

Yes, sometimes it can be. D&C isn’t the only thing that can cause Asherman`s syndrome. Cesarean-section, uterine infection and another types of uterine surgery can also provoke Asherman`s syndrome.

  1. Can I get pregnant with Asherman`s syndrome?

It depends on the stage of disease. Of course Asherman`s syndrome isn’t a sentence and pregnancy is possible. It’s clear that the more extensive stage the less chances patient has to get pregnant even after successful treatment. Also age of woman is rather important in this case. If the age of patient is up to 35 years old successful fertilization can be seen in more than 50%. Often after 35 years old doctor can successfully remove synechiae but such surgery doesn`t guarantee possibility to get pregnant naturally. In such cases patients usually use ART medicine in particular IVF or surrogacy to have a baby.

  1. Is hysterosalpingogram painful procedure?

This procedure takes about 5 minutes but it can be uncomfortable especially for those women who have many scars in their uterine. A few hours before the procedure, doctor gives an anti-inflammatory medicine. The patient also may ask for some pain reliever pills if she has a low pain limit. After the procedure woman usually has some cramping and discomfort in uterine which can last from a few minutes to few hours.

  1. I was diagnosed with mild Asherman`s syndrome. Can I get pregnant without surgery?

It’s possible to get pregnant naturally but it’s very dangerous thus doctors don’t recommend it. It can be very risky for yours and your future baby’s health condition. Getting pregnant with Asherman`s syndrome you are at high risk of miscarriage and bleeding during pregnancy which can lead to stillbirth. Therefore women with Asherman`s syndrome are recommended to conduct needed surgery at first and only after recovery period try to conceive. Such patient must be under regular doctor’s control in order to be confident that woman can carry and deliver a baby without problems. If the patient has the last stage of Asherman`s syndrome than doctor can advise to use surrogacy in order to have a baby.

  1. Whom can I address to treat Asherman`s syndrome?

In some cases mild Asherman`s disease is treated by obstetrician-gynecologist and reproductive endocrinologist. As of surgeries they are performed only by doctors who specialize just in Asherman`s syndrome. Sometimes even experienced surgeon can`t treat disease successfully. Unfortunately, even positive synechiae removal doesn’t mean woman will be able to conceive and carry a baby. In this case assisted reproductive technologies can be the best solution to deal with infertility.

  1. Why can`t I get pregnant after 2 hysteroscopic surgeries?

Surgery is the main treatment of Asherman`s syndrome. But unfortunately it doesn’t mean full recovery. There are cases when synechiae start growing again after surgery. And even after two operations the disease can show itself once again. Patient must for sure address her fertility specialist in order to determine reasons of infertility and to choose correct treatment.

Nowadays, medicine and science have been constantly developing and ways of treatment are improved. Anyway women with Asherman`s syndrome always can choose ART treatment to get pregnant and have children in future.

  1. I was diagnosed with Asherman`s syndrome and my doctor said I can forget about having a baby. Was she right?

In fact, it cannot be said for sure because it depends on many aspects of disease, treatment results and so on. There are a lot of people who successfully gave birth after surgery but there are also many those ones who still can`t get pregnant. It depends on stage of disease, well-run surgery, the rate of healthy endometrium the patient has and so on. Even the best doctor can`t guarantee that female fertility will be absolutely restored after Asherman`s syndrome treatment. If endometrial lining is of bad condition woman will have a problem conceiving a baby naturally. Sometimes even IVF isn`t helpful. In such cases a lot of women find their problem’s solution and happiness of motherhood in Centers for human reproduction.